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Multi Mix

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Multi mix is as the name suggests.

It is a concentrated mix of necessary Calcium, Vitamins & Minerals.

This valuable food supplement will ensure your canine receives the correct balance for improved health, appearance and disposition.

Multi Mix contains important calcium, vitamins & minerals that are often deficient in a pets’ diet. Correct nutrition and body balance maintains optimum health and the ability to thrive.


It has been developed over 30 years of research and use. For a large sized dog just one heaped scoop added to their meal per day will ensure they receive the correct balance of vitamins & minerals for optimum health.

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3 reviews for Multi Mix

  1. Katie M

    Our 13 year old cocker spaniel was on medication twice a day for many months this year and, as a consequence, was suffering many side effects; including loss of hair under his feet and whole body. After six months of being on a level teaspoon of “Multimix” powder once a day mixed with his dinner, coupled with Bach flowers and other holistic products, his coat is growing like weeds and he is back to his bouncy, barky and loving self.. thank you Multimix!!

  2. Michele

    I have a 17 year old, 10 year and two 7 year old shelties who have been taking the multi mix powder for many years now. As performance dogs the powder has provided important vitamin and minerals in their diet to assist with their well being as well as giving them a lovely coat.
    I believe the powder has been a contributing factor to my old dog achieving his 17 years of age.
    I cannot speak highly enough about the benefits of the multi mix powder for my dogs. Thanks for looking after my dogs.

  3. Phil NSW

    We have two wonderful fit and healthy collie dogs that are now 7 years old. Ever since they were puppies I have been adding a teaspoon of Multi Mix to their evening meals. When we take them for walks we are constantly stopped by people wanting to pat them and they almost always comment on their fabulous shining coats. Their general health is also excellent and I am sure adding Multi Mix to their diet has contributed to this greatly. I will continue to add the Multi Mix supplement to their meals and I look forward to having my wonderful friends with me for many more years to come

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