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The K9 Natural Health Solutions journey began approx 40 years ago when, after owning, breeding and exhibiting my own dogs successfully for many years,  I wanted to learn more , not just about their health and movement, but about how and why different health and structural problems were caused and of course how to treat those issues.


And so the many hours (and dollars) of studying began!

The studies of Bowen Therapy for animals, Understanding Kiniesology, Reiki I & II, Natural Therapies for farm animals, Natural pet care, Touch for health I, II, III & IV, Master Feng Qi Gong began. Lots of reading and studying of my own dogs also accompanied this formal learning.


As a result of this study I have developed what is now known as “Multi Mix” powder, which was initially for my own use on my own dogs. But after much persuasion, various friends and acquaintances started using it for their dogs and word spread, until now, after years of persuasion by these friends and acquaintances, K9 Natural Health Solutions was born and the powder is now available to all.

At K9 Natural Health Solutions we strive to provide you with a natural health supplement alternative for your canine. All of our products have been developed over many years of research, study and use on our own canines.

 They are developed using all natural ingredients that will provide your canine with the nutrients that it needs for optimum health and vitality. Simply add the required dosage to their food on a daily basis. The dosages are minimal and each of the products will last a significant period, if used at the recommended dosage. They can be used for puppies through to adult dogs and for all sizes of dogs (from a mini chihuahua through to a large St Bernard).

Our Multi Mix powder is especially useful for puppies when they are growing, bitches in whelp, for any canine recovering from surgery or if they are generally unwell, or even to assist with a healthy shiny coat growth.

Our Joint Support powder will assist your canine with the relief of pain associated with arthritis and joint soreness often found in older dogs.

 Individual remedies can also be made for specific animals. This does require a consultation or it can be done by hair analysis.


Further information is available for each product under the products own page. Visit our gallery for pictures of some of our happy and health customers.

Thank you

      -The Team from K9 Natural Health Solutions

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